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24x7 Support when you need

We provide support services to address your issues on call. Click2Mobi targeting solution to deliver the right audience for every advertiser. No matter who you want to reach, we can segment and target your customers so that they deliver the most value to you and give you the highest return on audience.

Technology For Marketing & Advertising

Click2Mobi technology platform is the result of focused research and substantial investment. It's platform is supported by a flexible and scalable infrastructure, built in-house with operations worldwide. Experience better user satisfaction by reaching the right audience in the right context with the most impactful ads.

Automatic optimization to ensure highest revenue

Our innovative optimization system eliminates the need for monitoring how your ad inventory performs. Just use any of our ad tags and the system will automatically take charge of campaign selection and performance tweaks.

Global Reach

We understand the makeup of our audience. We have a complete understanding of how users interact with your brand is with an integrated solution that combines all your data sources in one place. You can then discover new users that have similar characteristics to your best customers.

Easy to start

In a few quick steps, you can become a Click2Mobi advertiser and gain access to a large amounts of high quality, global traffic with in-depth reports, and benefit from ad channel management tools. The advertiser portal is a user friendly interface which can allow you to create, manage and review your ad campaigns.

Global coverage and great eCPM rates

By combining campaigns from thousands of direct advertisers and local ad networks, Click2mobi provides the ultimate level of audience monetization and the highest revenue per visitor.

Global Traffic Ads

Global Traffic Ads is an advertising and global traffic provider. We are committed to Providing excellent costomer service.


Conveniently place ads, monitor performance, and fine-tune your campaigns with an easy-to-use platform. You can also seamlessly integrate click2mobi with the top marketing apps.

Complete control

Gain full control over your marketing campaigns by easily monitoring the results from every system that tracks customer activity.

Deliver your ad

As an advertiser, you have complete control over the execution of your campaigns and your ad costs. Ad delivery can be made across different ad types and sources of traffic .

Looking for a higher impact and R . O . I !

Engage your customers

Customisable virtual dealership put the dealership experience.

Stay in control

Gain a bird’s eye view of the temperature of every opportunity.

Reduce costs

Fully cloud-based for instant scalability and no need for costly on-site server infrastructure.

Be mobile

Leave the office but never leave your dealership with always-on, mobile access to Click2mobi.